There are plenty of watches types in the world now. Some commanding a measly few bucks, while others may command the price of the property estate you or I may be residing in. Besides prices, uses for different watches may also differ not only by the occasions, many a times by the user preferences or even living habits and daily sequences.

Digital Watch

Digital watches are simply watches that runs on digits and not the usual watch minute or second hands. To many, the simple and clean look of a digital watch is hands down, already an outright winner even before any specifications are laid out for comparisons. To the others, using a digital watch is much compatible to many’s lifestyle of needs today for instant knowledge of more complex information like the weather ahead; schedulers with in-built calendars in the watch for a to-do lists for etc. A digital watch fits not only the need to look ahead in being technology savvy, it helps actual functional uses of someone who is dependent on modern technology in his or her everyday life.

Hybrid Watches

Hybrid watches are probably the latest fads of the ‘watching’ circles. Making the rounds in communication between the lovers and slaves of the modern watch world faculty is the watch type called the ”The Hybrid”. As much respect has been self accorded much to itself, it is actually just what it is. It’s name: hybrid. So in fact, it’s just a functioning modern Smart watch with all the usual advanced functions but with the old looks of a traditional watch moving on a minute and a seconds hand. The usual sought after functions for these hybrids are its activities tracking (heart beat rate etc.) and smart phone notifications capabilities.


Kinetic watches are a kind that combines the features and functions of both a quartz and mechanical automatic watches.

New owners of kinetic watches are often confused with the sudden and regular breaking down or stopping of the functioning watches. Questions in mind would often be that the battery might have gone flat. However, it’s very much not the case. Kinetic watches uses electricity that is charged by an inner rotor that is powered by movement. Hence if watches are not worn frequently, the power stored may used up quicker than it is required for powering of the watch hands movements, hence leading to its temporary demise.


Analog watches are perhaps unarguably, the most common type of watches many people wear these days. It comes with a traditional clock face with a hour hand; minute hand and mostly likely also with the hand that tells the time to the second. It moves round the watch in a clockwise direction powered by internal mechanical structures. A popular choice among people for its elegant and classic look, suitable for most, if not any occasion types. Another point of interest is it’s considerably better durability with tougher material used, as compared to other categories of watches.

Tactile Watches

Tactile watches are watches that could one could used to tell of the time without having to actually look at a physical watch or clock. One could simply use his or her fingers in running across the face of a watch and be informed of the time at a particular moment. Tactile watches are primarily used by the visually challenged today. Though if one were to go back in history, the purpose for the first creations in the 1800’s were simply for an abled watch owner to tell of the time discreetly in one’s pockets. Tactile watches varies in their designs and physical attributions. There are some that comes with special ball bearings on the watch face (representing the hour and minute hands) and some with special covers on the watch face that could be opened at will, for one to tell the time, when needed.

Touchscreen Watches

Touch screen watches, or more commonly known as the Smart watches these days are relatively popular for the younger and technological dependant and savvy generation people. With a basic ability to tell of the accurate time of any part of a day, multiple functions are built in for convenience, usually with compatibility and in sync to one’s mobile phone information. Shared data like schedule reminders and etc, could be programmed for an alarm or notification to be triggered on one’s touch screen watch for example. A touch screen watch, as per name suggest, allows one to easily navigate through the vast menus and functions that are stored within. A popular watch for example, in this category these days, is an Apple watch.

Solar Powered Watches

Solar watches are watches that rely on the captured solar power from light sources, to recharged and power the movements of the hour,minute and seconds hands within. The process involves a conversion of light energy into electricity energy, which is then stored in the rechargeable battery of a watch. Commonly, the watch is almost always charging with a super longevity of almost 10 years before one might be required of to get a battery replacement done. Common popular brands battling out in these fronts would be Citizen; Casio and Seiko watches.

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