The Swiss made luxury watch brand was established way back almost two centuries ago in 1833. Jaeger-LeCoultre, also known as JLC to many luxury watch lovers, is an exclusive branded watch that is made to the very fine details. Till date there are over 1000 movements and hundreds of inventions being made under its brand name.

The brand also holds some of the world records in the history of watches. Jaeger-LeCoultre has the most complicated watches in the world in its Grande Complication and the other; one of the world’s smallest mechanical watch named the Calibre 101.

One popular model of the brand worth mentioning specially is the Reverso. The Reverso was developed in the year 1931. It was produced in line for polo playing British army officers, where it was designed in such a way that an outer cover can be swiveled in to protect the face glass of the watch from knocks and hits. It is an absolute classic and elegant piece and a very much celebrated design still as of today.


The ONE and ONLY luxury branded watch that possibly most if not all people recognizes in the world. It is none other than the Rolex watch. Rolex watches are like the Rolls-Royce among cars; Boeing planes among air carriers; I am pretty sure you get what I meant. This is the very first name that anyone would probably tie to a luxury brand watch and in fact it’s widely known to be one that exclusively appreciates in value over time.

Being one of the most famous watch brand in the world, they are also the first to create a waterproof wrist watch in 1926; the first wrist watch that has the ability to change dates automatically on the watch face; also the first wrist watch to display two time zones at the same time.

One of the most popular iconic model of the luxury branded series is The Submariner. Made in the year 1953, it was the first ever watch designed, to break through the 100 m depth barrier underwater. It was one of the first watches that had propelled Rolex into the known luxury branded watch industry then Today, the updated series of The Submariner is capable of enduring depths of up till even 300 metres, much further than any deep diving watches that are available in the market today.

Patek Philippe

Another Swiss made luxury branded watch; and perhaps one that is recognised as the BEST among them is Patek Philippe watches. It is the only one left family owned independant luxury watch manufacturer in the world today. It is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Patek Philippe & Co. is much known to the true watch lovers as a status holding watch as compared to the general public masses’s opinion to be that of a Rolex watch instead. Patek Philippe watches are much known for its added-on fine details and delicate finishes done by the hands of a skillful master craftsman.

Another interesting fact that probably made a Patek Philippe watch an even much more sought- after luxury branded watch is the scarcity of the physical series circulating in the whole world today. With a rich and respectable history of almost 200 years, there are only less than a million pieces available in the world today. Stunning!

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